Yellowstonský park

22. března 2010 v 14:50 | Grainne ☼ |  Yellowstone
Fotky a mapy Yellowstonského národního parku

Yellowstonský národní park

Mapy Yellowstonského národního parku

Fotky z Yellowstonského národního parku

Canary Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Pot of Gold Viewed from a different angle, the rainbow moves away from the falls themselves and further down the canyon. The rock outcropping is actually much larger than it appears in this image. <br> <br> Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the gold. :)
Yellowstone Lower Falls A simple image of the powerful and majestic Yellowstone Lower Falls, taken from half-way down the canyon. The amount of mist kicked up by the falls was truly impressive, even from a considerable distance away.
Steam Reflections One of the steam vents in the Porcelain Basin area, located on the edge of a small pond of runoff water. I am not sure what it's called, and in reality it wasn't one of the more impressive features, but I liked the reflection. :)
White on Yellow After spending some time at the Norris Geyser Basin, we travelled over to the Canyon area in Yellowstone National Park, and spent several hour walking and hiking in the area. One of the first images I took was of this white water bend in the Yellowstone River. It is located just upstream from Yellowstone Upper Falls.
Sunlit Steamboat Geyser Steamboat Geyser is one of the larger and more interesting geysers at the Norris Basin. It's not one of the "predictable" geysers, like Old Faithful; hours, days or even years can pass between its eruptions. When it does erupt, water can reach a height of several hundred feet, making it one of the biggest geysers in the world. Even when not erupting, Steamboat often vents large quantities of steam, which is likely the source of its name.<br> <br> On this crisp morning I was able to take this interesting shot of the geyser's crater with the steam billowing up, backlit by the sun (visible as a small white circle on the right hand side.)
Main Terrace Pastels The main terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs is called... wait for it.. the Main Terrace. :) It is arguably the most beautiful formation at Mammoth, consisting of a set of cascading, rippling terraces of travertine, with bacterial mats and other minerals creating a spectrum of colors from orange to blue and green.<br> <br> Here Mount Everts is once again in the background, along with some nicely cooperative puffy clouds. :)

lower yellowstone falls

Fiery Tree, Yellowstone National Park

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1 galaxy →Ur SB← galaxy →Ur SB← | Web | 22. března 2010 v 16:15 | Reagovat


2 wanoce wanoce | Web | 25. března 2010 v 23:19 | Reagovat

Ahoj, ted jsem si vzpoměla že jsi se chtěla spřátelit s mým dalším blogem
Promin že jsem na to zapoměla...

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promin, blbý jméno

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Tak na diplom chci třeba nějakéko čerého anděla...

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Krásné fotky :-)

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To je nádherné místo, nedávno o něm dávali krásný dokument. Jen doufejme že ta supersopka nebouchne

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